Recovery Song

Hello friends! This poem is inspired by a popular song by MGMT, ‘Time to pretend’……So thanks for reading and catch you later!



I’ve had a hell of a week,

It’s time to get a hold of my life,

Bring me some booze,

I’m gonna drink untill my guts start to cry!

I’m gonna pretend that all’s okay,

I’m dead, but my spirit’s alive,

Why should I search for the truth,

When it’s so easy believing a lie?


When life’s heading for the big crash,

And you’re pushing all the brakes,

Well, You can keep trying,

But still you’re gonna land on your face!


So drink up all your tensions,

It’s time to raise the stakes,

This is your hour,

You’ve got whatever it takes!


I am just saying,

It’s such a cruel world at this end,

And you’ve got yourselves to defend!


I’ve got my sights set high,

I am walking with a purpose,

I’ve already had my fill,

It don’t think it can get any worse,

They think I am crazy, but I am too busy,

To even notice their words….


The day is bright and sunny,

I’m gonna let my spirits soar,

I’m tired of being average,

It’s time to ask for some more.


‘coz When you stop dreaming,

That will be the end,

You’ve got yourselves to defend!



The Dead Man Talking

I have chosen to submit this poem as an entry for jingle’s Thursday Poet’s rally week 32…Hope u like it!


I’m standing by the graveyard,

It’s half past three,

There’s so many people passing by,

Not one spares a look at me,

I take a step forward, oh what I see!

Covered all over in mud and grime,

Hey! that guy looks just like me!


I was in a spot,

My heart had gone into a tailspin,

What I had before my eyes,

It was so hard believing,

Was I drunk?Now, I must be dreaming,

What’s this eerie, cold feeling,

I just can’t shake it..


Last night,in my car,

I was just doing my thing,

Driving down the highway,

My radio playing Jay Sean,

Just then, I felt the wind on my face,

Broken shards of glass all over the place.


I tried to hold on tight,

Amidst the deepening fright,

The devil in sight,

His smile so downright.


I don’t want to go,

It’s not my time,

I’ve got so much to do,

Like write a song that doesn’t just rhyme!


I’m standing by the graveyard,

No one’s looking at me,

I look at the clock tower,

It’s half past three….

Walk a little closer,

Hey! that guy looks just like me!


Song of The Broken Heart……my entry for Thursday Poets Rally!



I feel so unwanted,

Reduced to my shadows, I am a no one,

What I used to be, What I am now,

Left to languish among the rots of my past,

Where every heartbeat spews blood,

Every breath makes me burn.


These words are all that are left now,

And those dreams I dreamed for me and you,

Biding their time till it’s all over,

And I am just a blob in your distant memories.


And it’s not just the tears and smiles,

That I wasted on you,

Living with the trammels of false hope,

That your love was true.

Now that my trust lies stabbed a million times,

Tell me, what am I supposed to do?


I am so clueless,

Still searching for those answers,

The reasons for your actions,

That shook me to the core,

Just a ‘sorry’ isn’t enough,

I think I deserve much more.


Down on my knees, trampled upon, trashed,

The feeling of being the insignificant one,

People jeered, while I had to burn,

Well, Guess what!

You’ve had yours; Now, its my turn,

I am not dead, I’ll rise again,

I am that DARK chapter in your life,

Forgive me for being a pain in your conscience,

Forgive me for being that ‘insignificant’ thorn’.


I’m just a kid…

shin chan:my favourite cartoon character

With simple dreams,

I find miracles,

In ‘normal’ things.

Come, take my hand,

And lead me through,

There’s so much confusion,

I don’t know what to do.

I look at the stars,

And I try to see far,

Do we have a future,

That’s not wrought by war?

I never believed mom,

But now I see,she was right,

That we are a violent race,

And were born to fight.

I have a pain,

And it runs down deep,

There’s so much blood around,

With people being killed like sheep.

Dear Osama Uncle,

Let’s have a chat,

Why you took away my parents,

Please give them back.

There’s nothing to fight about,

Please give us a chance,

We wanna be happy too,

we too we wanna dance.

Please don’t scold me,

For dreaming so loud,

I know I wished too much,

In a world where wishes are not allowed.

I’m just a kid,

With simple dreams…..

Make It Up To You

It’s the end of the road,
And I couldn’t help me thinking,
You were just another girl,
Just another face in my life,
Then why my heart’s so sinking?

The flowers wilt,
And the clouds melt away,
But my pain will last forever,
Baby, I cry for your love everyday.

I’ve been selfish, a total jerk, it’s true,
I’ve let you down, I am sorry,
I was Never the man you deserved all through,
All I ask for is another chance,
Baby, I wanna make it up to you.

I’ve learnt my lesson,
I’m never gonna disappoint you again,
Trust my bleeding heart, my love
I’ll take away the pain,
Please don’t walk away from me,
Don’t leave me weeping in the rain,
Take my hand, let love be the guide,
Baby, I want us to be together again…..

To a Friend

Hello friends….This poem that I am posting today, is dedicated to a dear friend-Dhiru. Now, today, our Dhiru was very angry with us. The reason? Simple! We always pull her leg whenever and wherever she gives us an opportunity! This is what Dhiru posted on google Buzz today:
some people are so damn rude,it actually hurts….esp coz they matter so much

Now, actually, Dhiru is a very good friend and though we like to pester her, yet we love her very much. This buzz that dhiru posted, gave me an idea for a poem. Hope she likes it!

Some people are so damn rude,
Cuz they know they matter so much.
I feel like such a damn fool,
Cuz I thought we were a tight bunch.

I spread out my arms wide,
But they drove a wrench through my heart,
Like Jesus nailed to the cross,
Only the nails being replaced by darts.

I lay in pain, twisting and groaning,
I can’t bear it anymore,
Isolation beckons me wherever I go,
I feel so heartsick, so sore.

My eyes are wide open, But I am dreaming,
I have lost my grip of reality, and I’m reeling,
I feign a sense of calm, but I’m flaming,
I’ve built a wall around myself,
(but deep down, I know)
That eventually, I’ll cave-in.

I’d rather shoot all of them,
But I’ve got a bad aim!
I even thought of suing them,
But I even don’t know what to claim.
Maybe 10 lakh, 20 lakh, or 30,
But those idiots will always remain the same.

They’ve got no sense of regret,no remorse or shame,
They are so ‘in your face’!
In fact, maybe I should stop grumbling,
And go back to being the agony aunt of DWH!

Now, in case u don’t know, DWH is our girls hostel.

No Escape

Hello folks! Just today, as I was rummaging through my old stuff,  I stumbled upon this old poem written by me in late 2005. Fresh from college, with nothing else to do, I used to write these poems as a hobby and as a past-time. In fact, this is my very first full length poem.

Too much, I’ve tried it,
No way to survive it,
Oh! why I’m feeling so low.

My life is so warped that,
I’m down and knocked out flat,
The reason I’d never know.

Sweet dreams that I ever had,
They turned into nightmares,
Never had the courage, I never tried,
To fight against my fears.

I groped for support, gasped for survival,
I’m in a mess too deep,
Dark memories haunt me,
whenever I go to sleep.

I trudge along lonely streets,
Not knowing where I’m headed to,
I look back at my life,
And see it all falling through.

In this world, so vast,
I search for a familiar face,
A friend to help me through,
To give me a moment of solace.

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