Pat’s surprise

The Pat’s surprise award from trisha( Thank you so much!


Star Award



A beautiful award from a very good friend. Words can’t describe how honoured and happy I am to receive this award. We are like the millions of stars in this world, spreading our light by way of our thoughts which drift ceaselessly in this blog-sphere

The Sunshine award

Final semester exams knocking on the door, and I am cursing my life and myself for being so lazy. Out pops the Sunshine Award from none other than trisha(, rejuvenating  me and filling  me with new-found joy!
Thank you trisha!

Happy 101 Award

The Happy 101 Award from trisha(

A great many thanks go to trisha for this beautiful award. I’ll cherish this forever.


This award, I’ve received from a dear blogger friend:

Happy moments cross cultural poetry award

Hey! I got a cool award…see? Well, thank you, trisha for this amazing award

The Blogger Buddy Award

To have received an award such as this is a matter of utter joy and honour for me. A zillion thanks to wordwand for deeming me worthy of this award. As I am new to this whole new world of blogging, this award means a lot to me.