Recovery Song

Hello friends! This poem is inspired by a popular song by MGMT, ‘Time to pretend’……So thanks for reading and catch you later!



I’ve had a hell of a week,

It’s time to get a hold of my life,

Bring me some booze,

I’m gonna drink untill my guts start to cry!

I’m gonna pretend that all’s okay,

I’m dead, but my spirit’s alive,

Why should I search for the truth,

When it’s so easy believing a lie?


When life’s heading for the big crash,

And you’re pushing all the brakes,

Well, You can keep trying,

But still you’re gonna land on your face!


So drink up all your tensions,

It’s time to raise the stakes,

This is your hour,

You’ve got whatever it takes!


I am just saying,

It’s such a cruel world at this end,

And you’ve got yourselves to defend!


I’ve got my sights set high,

I am walking with a purpose,

I’ve already had my fill,

It don’t think it can get any worse,

They think I am crazy, but I am too busy,

To even notice their words….


The day is bright and sunny,

I’m gonna let my spirits soar,

I’m tired of being average,

It’s time to ask for some more.


‘coz When you stop dreaming,

That will be the end,

You’ve got yourselves to defend!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Artswebshow
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 07:08:54

    This is a really cool poem Naba


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