Messengers of Death:The Counterstrike Files-PART 2


7 November, ( SOMEWHERE IN PERU)

The guys inside the chopper were talking and joking among themselves. In a few minutes, our helicopter would be hovering over the treacherous mountains of AZTEC, where we would be air-dropped, silently, with no one watching. No one knew what would happen next. And no one wanted to know as well. The future is best kept under wraps, no need pondering over things you can’t control. Incoming Intel from High Command indicated that the terrorists were mounting a major offensive at our Forward Base Camp at Aztec. Enough bloodshed had already occurred there, the latest being the killing of two members of the GHOST RECON team inside the jungles near AZTEC. They were ambushed, maimed and then shot point blank .Their bodies were thrown into the river that ran directly below AZTEC. Perhaps the terrorists wanted to send us a message- that no one could stop them from carrying out their barbaric acts of terror.

“Bloody damn those punks-If I get hold of one of ‘em, I m gonna barbecue his ass with this baby”-Dino said, showing off his Clarion. The Clarions and the Shotguns were the only notable weapons we had left, after multiple breakdowns of our supply lines owing to the cut-down in military spending by the Government. Peru was a hotbed of terrorists, dotted with numerous small jungles that gave them ample space and protection to carry out their heinous acts. Establishing a base there and protecting it from an imminent attack was a huge task. Not even the Marines dreamt of achieving such a feat.

2:45 pm

“ETA two minutes.Get ready, guys”-The pilot had hardly finished saying this when a hail of bullets struck the rear end of the helicopter.
“WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!”- The pilot shouted. “Where is that damn escort helicopter?”

“Cobra One, Cobra One…. Do you read me?…….come in Cobra One”

“Roger , Stryker One, Hearing you loud and clear”

“We are under attack…Where the hell are you?”

“Hold on Stryker One, the enemy is hiding under the tree cover. I am not able to lock on to their position………”—Just then we heard a loud thud and a deafening boom followed, whose shock waves rattled our helicopter like a giant earthquake. The helicopter swerved violently, careening out of control……

The blast had taken out my ears, but my other senses were still working. From the corner of my eye, I could see a huge fiery ball of crumpled metal, making its way to the ground……..

“Thats Cobra one…..Thats our escort helicopter….My God!!!!”-I shouted.

It was then that I could see them… in fatigues, just like us…only their motives being more sinister….and cruel….. One thing was for sure…. they were no friendlies……not after making pulp of our escort helicopter……and there, at the small clearing, I could see him….holding a rocket launcher….aimed directly at us…….For a moment, I thought I saw him smiling….as if he was saying-“Now you are mine”…..and when that moment passed, reality dawned on me, striking me like an avalanche…..

“BRACE FOR IMPACT …..!!!!!” -before I could even complete my sentence, it struck us. First, there was a shrill swishing sound, as if something was cutting through the air like a knife. The next moment, we were staring at the gaping hole inside our helicopter. The rocket launcher had blasted off the rear rotor and one of the rotor blades had come crashing at the side. D_KILLER was nearly killed by the blade, he had the good sense to duck in time.

“MAY DAY!! MAY DAY!! , WE ARE GOIN’ DOWN” The pilot’s voice was feverish. He was surely cursing himself for signing up for this mission which was doomed from the beginning itself. From low ammo , to killed secret operatives, nothing was going right for us. The helicopter was fast losing altitude. We were going to be dead even before we set foot on land………………………..maybe that was what fate had chosen for all of us….maybe this was our end…….

Next Edition: Is this the end?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sambaran K
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 19:25:54

    well done man keep going, eagerly awaiting for the next part!!!!!!


  2. Trisha
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 21:06:11

    very crisply written. you are a talented story writer.


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