Messengers of Death:The Counterstrike Files-Part 1


Hello, my dear readers! This short-story series that I am going to present to you  is  the result of watching countless war-movies and playing numerous first-person shooter computer games. Back in college, not even a day went without playing counter-strike(a popular multiplayer PC game) at night over LAN. This series is a tribute to those days of glory, when every mouse-click meant a death spell for my enemies on the battle-field. Most of the names of the main protagonists in the story are actually the aliases that we used while playing the game. So, before carrying on the story, I would like to give you all a brief overview of the game.

Counter-strike is a first person shooter game, where the players are divided into terrorists(the bad-guys) and counter-terrorists(the good guys). The mission of either team is simple: to eliminate the opponent team.

In my story the counter-terrorists are:

  1. DINO

Don’t worry, the names sound funny because they were, infact aliases used by us to instill a sense of awe among our opponent team.

The Terrorists i.e the bad guys are:


Thats it! You can access other counter-strike stories written by me at:



Saturday, 7th November: 2:30 am

It was another one of those uneventful, calm nights at our base camp in the small town of Arani, Bolivia. Such moments were rare for us, CTs(Counter-Terrorists); but whenever we got some, we liked to surrender ourselves to the leisures of sleep. The wind was blowing with full force outside, and as it passed our tents , it made an ominous hissing sound; as if trying to warn us about some impending danger .Danger…….every minute of our lives was filled with danger. Every breath of air that we took, every second of our life that passed, came ridden with an uncertainty about the future. Even sleeping wasn’t possible without your rifle protruding from underneath your pillow. But none of this was without a reason.

Power hungry psychopaths were lurking in every corner, ready to tear the civilization to bits at the least opportune moment; and we had to stop their nefarious plans at all costs. We were the key to the survival of the society against such harbingers of death and destruction. And we were prepared to do our duty till the last drop of blood remaining in our body.

As I was lost in my train of thoughts, the PAS (Public Announcement System) suddenly crackled to life and a female voice announced: “All units are requested to immediately proceed to the Mission Briefing Room. This is a Code- Red situation. I repeat-This is Code-Red. All units requested to proceed to Mission Briefing Room.”

Code-Red was similar to the Level-4 code used by the Pentagon to evaluate security emergencies. Code-Red was activated only when combat operatives went M.I.A( Missing in Action) or when there was an imminent attack on national security. What prompted the HQ to issue a Code- Red, was beyond me at that time; but became clear once we were in the Briefing-room. There, all the commandos of TEAM BRAVO, TEAM CHARLIE and my own, TEAM ALPHA were already present, listening to the C-in-C with rapt attention.

“Gentlemen, my apologies for calling you out at this inappropriate moment; but the situation is such that we had no other option.” The Commander continued, “Our intelligence indicates a huge surge in terrorist activity in the jungles near Machu Picchu, Peru. As you are well aware, AZTEC is one of our forward base camps in Machu Picchu which shares direct comm. links with HQ. All mission data and support is routed through AZTEC to other C.T stations. The increased terrorist presence around AZTEC can only mean that they are planning to attack it. We sent an advanced RECON team in the jungles near AZTEC. But before they could infiltrate the terrorist camp, they were ambushed and killed. However, the pictures that they were able to send us reveals some startling facts”. Saying this, he pressed a key on the computer which confirmed our worst fears: there were pictures of a full- fledged terrorist base and training camp in the jungles near AZTEC. Pictures of terrorists executing innocent civilians from nearby villages, and then dumping their bodies in hastily-dug trenches, spoke of their cruelty and disregard for human life.

“Bloody damn, eh! These buggers can’t stop targeting civilians”-someone said. I knew it was Dino. I could recognize his British accent anywhere. DINO was drafted from the British special unit-S.A.S. He had still not forgotten the atrocities committed by the Irish Militia against innocent civilians in his homeland during the 1960’s and these pictures touched a raw nerve in him. He was a small boy then and stories of terrorist excesses had a profound effect on his mind.

The Commander spoke, ”Team ALPHA, you have been assigned to counter any terrorist attack on AZTEC. But be advised-they are heavily armed and will probably outnumber you. Proceed with extreme caution. Your insertion will be by USMC CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters on the southern edge of AZTEC. From there, you’ll proceed to the L.Z and eliminate any enemy opposition. And remember: They will be expecting you…… ANY QUESTIONS? ”


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  1. Trisha
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 20:05:10

    your way of writing is very crisp and professional. will be waiting for the rest.


  2. Robin
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 21:46:41

    cool.. awesome piece of writing 🙂


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