Hello everyone! This is my blog page. My name’s Naba Kumar Barman,  and I live in Assam, India, home to the world famous one-horned rhino and the mesmerizing Bihu.

Other things you should know about me: I am an avid reader of novels; In fact I myself like writing short stories , poems etc. whenever I get the time and the inspiration to do so. I like travelling, and visiting new places. Apart from that, I like eating out. I love good food(after all who doesn’t?)

I am quite an uncomplicated person.I always try to be straightforward and honest with everyone. I like people who are sincere and don’t fake themselves. Politics is a big turn-off as far as I am concerned. In a friend, I look for trustworthiness and loyalty. Well,That’s all about me for now…..you’ll get to learn a lot more about me in the future through this blog, that’s for sure!